Latest Quickbooks Apps And Software Updates

Quickbooks apps have continued to be updated to give users great experience. They enable them to achieve great work-life balance by reducing the time spend on tasks. It is now easier to perform a variety of tasks by integrating apps with QuickBooks. For instance, deploying the automated payroll app allows accountants to update the payroll at a click of a button. It helps to increase efficiency and improve productivity. Here are the latest apps that integrate with QuickBooks seamlessly.

Prep for Taxes

The software combines taxes and accounting into a single platform. It is now possible for an accountant to work on a balance sheet and a profit & loss account on the same screen. The app makes mapping data to the tax form easier. It allows returns to be exported to QuickBooks for taxation purposes faster. It saves on time and enables the generation of reports in real-time. Having the balance sheet and the profit & loss account on the same screen makes it easier to review all the details at a glance.

Run Payroll App Updates

It allows accountants to make changes on the payroll on the fly. They will make such
changes without the need to exit the workflow. The software takes you to the employees’ page at a click. It enables you to edit fields like the bonus amount and payment methods faster. Accountants have a chance to review the details to ensure that all the changes are effected before submitting the payroll for further action.


It is a legal app designed for billing and timekeeping. The app can create invoices and track time. It can be integrated into QuickBooks and help in for solving disbursement issues. Leanlaw allows accountants to manage trust accounts with a lot of ease. It integrates with QuickBooks seamlessly and allows the user to remain in sync regardless of where they are. This allows the management to see the position of the firm in terms of revenue and expenses on the fly. This app has made creating invoices and managing trust accounts easier than before.


It is an inventory management and production app for small manufacturers. The app is also popular with online entrepreneurs. It allows manufacturers to schedule production based on incoming orders, tracks inventory and enables manufacturers to deliver orders as scheduled. With Katana, you can create invoices based on sales or purchase orders. The app integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks. It allows one to consolidate sales orders and aid in inventory management.


The app enables entrepreneurs to connect purchasing to accounting. It is a cloud-based
procurement platform that allows firms to manage all their purchase orders on one
platform. Managers can also use it to manage supplies and requisitions easily. It connects with QuickBooks to allow for automated transfer of data between the accounting and purchasing department. This app is easy to set up and will help you to know how much you are spending. Thus it helps to streamline the purchasing process and cut down on costs.

In view app

It is an award-winning system that allows one to track invoices and bills on the go. It is ideal for businesses that often find themselves struggling to keep track of their invoices.
Accountants who offer freelancing services will also find this app helpful. It takes stress and frustrations out of their management. This is critical since it help them focus on the core of their businesses. It is easy to set it up and integrates with QuickBooks seamlessly.


It is a payment app that is taking the world with a storm. The app allows businesses to make international payments through QuickBooks securely and effortlessly. It allows one to import invoices into QuickBooks and make payments faster and syncs with QuickBooks in real-time.

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