Management Support

Any business can gain insights from the advice given by professionals with long-standing experience such as Hammersmith Chartered Accountants. We have a team on standby to help you through the complexities of management. You can opt to incorporate our experts in your business for management support for a period of your choice. We offer services tailored to customer needs.

Custom-Made Support

Our support service is made to suit you whenever you are in need. You can book our service for a period running from one to three days per month. From this arrangement, it is clear that you will have plenty of time to try out what our experts recommend and review with us whenever there is such a need. Even
after we engage you in our management support service as your program allows, we will still engage you continuously through email and phone calls. Here are the reasons why we think you are likely to benefit from our support service.

  • your business will enjoy objective observations and contributions from our experts in your important decision-making meetings
  • you will identify issues of concern with your business early
  • your business will have access to secrets of long-standing experience in small and complex business management entities from our experts
  • Valuable addition to your presentation to entities other than your organization
  • Sound thinking and decisions based on deep comparative analytics

What Drives and Informs Our Management Support Strategies

To begin with, our core business is to help you in whichever way that you feel your business should be helped. The focus on helping businesses run on salient management strategies is our philosophy. The support service we give aims at helping you that translates into positive outcomes within definite time
frames. Therefore, while we have a list of focus areas that your business is likely to need our expert advice and opinion about, our assistance extends beyond the predictable written rubric. Hammersmith Chartered Accountants are as dynamic as today’s business. Our check-list of services includes but not
limited to the following

Non-Executive director Services

Small businesses often pose a major challenge to administrators. When you are the one running such a business, whether you are alone or a group, you are likely to be immersed in the short term engagements of the business and ignore or overlook the long term implications and aims. The managers of small and middle-income businesses tend to be too immersed in the nuances of running it on day to day, at the expense of moulding structures that will see the business overcome the strains of time. The good news, however, is that Hammersmith Chartered Accountants has devised a way that allows you to continue with your daily chores and business commitments even as we help you work on such an entity for the long term. Our requirements are non-exclusive. Thus, both small and large scale businesses can get in touch with us, and we will be glad to help out with non-executive director services. We need to emphasize that you do not need to be running a limited company to access our non-executive director services. Our service focuses on the strategies that drive or, rather, will drive your business in the right direction.

Business Consultation

This service entails engaging you on a wide range of issues where you need consultant services. We engage you so that we analyse the developments of your business with you. We focus on both non- finance-related dynamics to financial concerns. We propose changes, based on the analysis that we carry out. The changes we suggest are aimed at resolving the issues that clog your business from achieving its full potential. We are most interested in enhancing efficiency in your business operations and increasing your margins in the shortest time possible. Hammersmith Chartered Accountants stands
out from the crowd in the sense that it walks with you through all the ups and downs of implementing changes in your business. Count on us in the process of executing the proposed solutions. We have a broad spectrum of tasks that we often perform for our subscribers. We will help you draw marketing plans, business plans, and even conduct surveys on customers. We will also advise how to control your business stock. Our experts have helped thousands of businesses on pricing intricacies too. Pricing is a sensitive element in business and must be done after considering a broad range of factors. Such factors are both internal and external. If your concern requires further specialized advice, we will direct you to the right person within, or even outside. Our central objective is to make sure that we leave you a happy and thriving business. Our philosophy of helping your business to stand a better chance supersedes any other interest at Hammersmith Chartered Accountants.

Structuring Your Business

Central to the strategy is the structure of a business. Your business must be premised on a solid and clear structure. There is a wide range of factors that influence the making of decisions. Some of the factors include issues to do with owners, risk, sharing of information, taxes, long term goals, and management. We, at Hammersmith Chartered Accountants, realize that some structures may have been effective in the past but may not work in the fast-changing business world. Furthermore, the structures you set up for your business are also determined by your present plans for days to come. Count on
Hammersmith Chartered Accountants to constantly revisit this aspect of business and advise as the need arises.

Managing Cost

Cost is a pertinent part of improving overheads for any business. It is all so good to develop perfect marketing plans, business plans and figure out how a business will expand. However, if the cost element is not properly examined, there is likely to be a lot of wastage, stagnation, or even deterioration when
everything else in the system has, otherwise, been set up perfectly. So, the basic costs of business must always be kept under control. Our experts have access to a rich reservoir of knowledge regarding the best cost control systems and mechanisms to increase the margin between your costs and your
overheads. Developing a workable system of budgeting is one of the remedial tools we use to curb the costs of running a business. Apart from the remedial strategies we employ, we also act proactively by instituting audit measures focusing on the cost of running your business. The audit is aimed at identifying the areas where your expenditure threatens to hit the roof, and even those that call for moderate spending but can still be readjusted for better outcomes and cost-cutting. The audit helps us establish places where you can save money, places where you can get better value, those that need a
radical overhaul and those that need further fine-tuning.

Capping off

Our services offer business firms, arguably, the best business support because many of the support services can be secured as a one-time task. The management support service you will receive from Hammersmith Chartered Accountants is always tailor-made and focused on the problem that needs a
resolution. We know that no one has a monopoly of knowledge, so we endeavour to include you in the process of developing solutions for your business. Do not forget that our management support service stretches beyond the traditional boundaries and the script. We are cognizant of the fast-changing trends
in business management, and are always on the cutting edge to make sure that we give you the best support. Some of the extras you will get from Hammersmith Chartered Accountants include auditing of annual accounts, software for accounting, charity guides, advice on corporate finance, legal advice,
digitization of taxation systems, automatic enrolment, bureau services, options for your financial solutions and more. Our management support team also handles start-ups, pension schemes, tax planning and compliance, and pension schemes. Obviously, the list is longer than this page can carry. Reach out to our management support team and discover a whole new world of solutions.