Tax and Vat Investigatory Services/ HMRC compliance services/Forensic Accountancy Services

Hammersmith Chartered Accountants are experts in the field of all tax and vat investigatory services. We have over 25 years’ experience in successfully representing individual clients and limited companies’ behalf in all aspects of tax and vat compliance investigations. Nothing beats experience of running successful tax and vat investigations for our clients and Hammersmith Chartered Accountants have a first-class team acting on your behalf.

In addition to successfully appealing against HMRC on numerous tax cases we have also had great success in winning appeals for late penalty fines that HMRC has issued to clients who have asked us to appeal against them. We have an in-depth knowledge of tax law, tax regulations and extra statutory dispensation reasons that HMRC will usually take into consideration that allows for a successful appeal against their assessments.

If your accountant is weak and inexperienced HMRC will in our opinion take advantage. Hammersmith Chartered Accountants has a team of Chartered and forensic tax accountants who are very knowledgeable in vat and tax law. We maximise our tax expertise to ensure our clients pay the least amount of tax and vat as possible and defend our clients at all time.


CASE 1: Mr Mc – Plumbing and Heating Business/Buy To Let Properties. : TAX SAVING: £100,000

Mr Mc has a plumbing and Heating business for over 14 yearsas a sole trader and several buy to let properties in which he received a nominal rental income. Mr Mc received a letter over the Christmas period informing him HMRC were going to enquire into his tax return for 2015/16 – HMRC opened up further tax years for enquiry and eventually this totalled up to 10 years for Mr Mc. He felt that his previous accountant was not giving him significant advice and was happy to settle as soon as possible with HMRC. HMRC had assessed £154,000 of taxes excluding penalties and interest. Penalties and interest would have put the figure over £200,000. We took over the case and began a full review of our client’s tax affairs over ten years by our forensic accountancy team. After difficult and protracted negotiations over several months HMRC settled for a figure of £48000 with fines set at the lowest rate possible. Total liabilities were in the region of £54,000. Our client was delighted with the result and has since become a full client of our practice.

CASE 2: Mrs P – Wedding And Specialists Events/Renting Out Grade 11 Listed Buildings.

VAT SAVINGS: £18,000 in fines (100% of fines cancelled).

This was a complex case in which the client’s bookkeeper had made an unwise vat reclaim for over £85,000 on the production of the first vat return. She had claimed back input vat which was in our opinion difficult to justify. The taxpayer had asked us to take over the vat enquiry as the bookkeeper was completely out of her depth and in all honesty really did not want to be involved in any further discussions with HMRC due to her lack of knowledge, expertise and experience of vat enquiries. We accepted with HMRC that it was not in the interest of our client to pursue the vat reclaim. HMRC then issued a penalty notice for £16,000 + interest as they stated the vat return had been submitted carelessly. We put in an appeal to the solicitors office of HMRC for a review of the procedures in the enquiry and argued on several grounds against the fines and in particular on two parts of Vat guidance and legislation. We cannot discuss this further as it is not widely known. HMRC accepted our appeal and our arguments and cancelled the fines and interest to zero. The reclaim was obviously dismissed but in in 99% of cases we believe the fines would have stood but for our expertise, knowledge and understanding of tax and vat law.

CASE 3: L Decorators Ltd – Mr M- Tax Saving : £45000

A large decorating firm had received a notification of a full enquiry into a 2017/18 tax return. It was the argument of HMRC that this company upon third party knowledge ( usually a disgruntled third party ) had been receiving large cash payments and in particular its Managing Director Mr M. The tax inspector in question on this enquiry adopted a “heavy handed “approach in our opinion and tried to put pressure on our client for an early settlement. Our client was quite happy to settle for a figure in excess of £30,000 despite claiming that he had simply not had the time to do “cash jobs” as his work was for large supermarkets and one that paid direct into his bank account.  The original assessment was over £50,000 HMRC continued to pursue our client vigorously, putting undue pressure on him. They threatened to open other tax years for enquiry. After our forensic tax teams and Chartered Accountants reviewed all documentation, tax returns, company accounts, primary records we strongly contested this figure. Our client eventually agreed to settle for a figure of £5000. The figure being agreed between myself, our client and the tax inspector in his kitchen. Our client paid a cheque for just over £5000 after the matter was concluded in his kitchen. The total sum payable to HMRC was £5000. No further tax years were enquired into by HMRC. The client was delighted with our quality of work.